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In 1970, at the age of 7, I started learning and playing violin. I have always loved playing and sharing music. It is always a joy to play folk, classical and popular music. I perform solo and ensemble in concerts, corporate events, weddings, and funerals and look forward to new opportunities to play more.


Sample tracks are available on my 'Listen' tab, together with a list of some of the music I enjoy playing. I welcome suggestions you may have for specific pieces and I will always try to prepare your personal choices for your occasion.

My favourite violin, 'The Butler' is a 150 year old carved 'Lion Head' from Mittenwald, Germany. I also play Viola and electric violin, all either solo or with backing tracks. A portable independently powered amplifier, pickup and radio microphone allow me to move freely in or outside any venue, weather permitting. This setup can link to PA systems at venues to increase volume and ambience.


I will be delighted to support you in planning your special event. Based in Liverpool, I am more than happy to travel. Further details are available on my 'Booking' tab.

Canon - Pachelbel -
Por Una Cabeza -
Autumn Leaves -
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